An Axiom First! Solo Vindi with 25 players!

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Axiom showed up today for Vindi with an impressive 5 charm pets and 25 people total! Congrats to all Axiom members who came out today for a job well done. We have recently been able to do some pretty impressive things, even with less people! Congrats Gnofat on your shiny new Living Thunder Earring. Thank you to all who supported us in this great accomplishment!

Still seething with bloodlust from Derakor, Axiom paid a visit to Lord Bob himself in Velks. Congrats Drayce on Doljonijiarnimorinar. Thank you to the Axiom leaders tonight for taking point in NToV during late night quake activites. Huge congrats to Balthemal (Taringail) on his zero-weight Facesmasher from Doubles!